Monday, March 11, 2013

Madrid, Spain

In 1975, the Whopper arrived in Europe as Burger King secured a toe-hold on the continent in Madrid. Unlike France, which eventually got angry with the Whopper and expelled it, Spain decided it could sell an angry Whopper. [2009]

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  1. This industrialized standardized sanitized garbage --the same no matter the country and the brand-- is an excellent example of the leveling and destructive effect of globalization of national cultural values in the name of profit.

    It's always the same fatty unhealthy crap. To sell it they must resort to plastic gadgets, prizes, gimmicks.

    Here they try to manipulate the locals' emotions by recuperating their disgust and anger at the type of society they would like to impose with $$$ as the only value. If their crap were as good as they purport it to be, none of the hype would be needed. These feed peddlers are just as evil as the cigarette manufacturers.